What is OTP Slang?

To understand what is OTP slang we first need to get familiar with the word slang and have to understand the meaning of slang.

A slang is a very informal language especially in speech and used by a particular group of people. So any abbreviation might have many slangs based on different groups of people.

Coming to what is OTP slang? The most cost commonly used slangs are:

  • One True Pairing
  • On The Phone
  • One Time Password

One True Pairing

One True Pairing is one of the OTP slang. One True Pairing means that a couple or group of people are the soulmate. In other words we can say that they are meant for each other. This term is generally used by a fan for a couple that he/her prefers over all the other couples which can be either fictional or real. It’s just that the fan wishes them to be romantically involved with each other. As the term is used by a fan so every fan can have a different One True Pairing. So we can say that it’s a personal opinion of a person and can vary from person to person.

There are other terms like OT3, OT4 which means One True Threesome and One True Foursome respectively and similarly many more. These are similar to One True pairing except that fact that OT3 refers to the shipping of three people compared to two and OT4 refers to the shipping of four people in place in place of two. These relations can be a group of 3 or 4 people but doesn’t mean that the relation has to be romantic.

Some examples of One True Pairing:

  • Paolo Maldini and Nesta – The famous defending duo from the field of football.
  • Harry and Hermione – Considered as One True Pairing from a lot of fans of the Harry Potter series.
  • Harvey and Donna – From the famous Suits series.

On The Phone

On The Phone is another OTP slang which means that a person is on phone with someone else. We can use the abbreviated form in the following way.

“I am OTP (On The Phone) right now so I’ll talk to u in a little while.”

One Time Password

One Time Password another OTP slang is a two factor authentication security providing method. An OTP is an alpha-numeric 6-digit number which is generated automatically using some mathematical algorithm for a transaction.

It is a two factor authentication method as first the user has to fill its details that is his/her user id and a password which is the first factor. Then a generated OTP is sent to the user’s registered mobile number which is the second factor. Then on typing the correct OTP the transaction or security check is completed. Moreover, it is difficult for an attacker or hacker to attack such security as the OTP is generated by the mathematical algorithm of random numbers. So the OTP that is generated is not in a fixed or repeated pattern. So it’s difficult for the hacker to predict the next OTP on seeing the previous one.