What does One True Pairing mean?

Ever encountered the term One True Pairing? Wondering what does one true pairing mean? Well, One True Pairing also abbreviated as OTP basically means that it is a pair of two or more people that are meant for each other. In other words, we can say that people that they are soulmates for each other.

It is the term that a fan uses to specify their particular couple among all the other couples. It’s the desire of the fan to see that pair in a romantic relationship. OTP can differ from person to person especially is the case of fictions where there is a love triangle.

For example, one reader may prefer one pair as a perfect match for each other but at the same time, the other reader might prefer the other pair. So OTP is a personal opinion and may vary in many cases.

Examples of  What does One True Pairing mean:

  •  From the famous novel and movie Harry Potter most people considered Harry and Hermione as their OTP.
  •   From Suits, most people think Harvey and Donna as their OTP.
  • If we remove the romantic relationships then Tom and Jerry can be considered as One True Pairing for children as well as adults.
  • Similarly, Sherlock and Watson are also an OTP as the chemistry between them is undeniable.
  • From the Football world, Paolo Maldini and Nesta were the best duo ever and can be considered as One True Pairing in the art of defending.

Other terms related to One True Pairing:

Moreover, there are other terms like OT 3, OT 4 etc. Thinking what these mean?

These are similar to OTP’s except that these include more number of people. We can put any number after the term “OT”.

OT 3 refers to the shipping of three people instead of two and is termed as One True Threesome.

Some example of One True Threesome are:-

  • Jack/Will/Elizabeth from the Pirates of Caribbean.
  • Harry/Ron/Hermione from the Harry Potter Series.
  • Doctor/Jack/Rose from Doctor who.

The above is the most famous OT3 and there can be others based on people thinking and they may vary from others.

OT 4 refers to the shipping of four people and is termed as One True Foursome. It not only includes the romantic relationship between four people but can be linked to a fiction or real life which includes a team of four.

An example of One True Foursome are:-

  • Niall Horan/Liam Payne/Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.
  • Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin from Lord of Rings.

Similarly, we can use other terms like OT 5, OT 6, OT 7 and so on.

So everything we discussed is all about the fantasy of people regarding a couple or a group of people that he thought would be better together and creates a mindset that they are perfect when together.

As told earlier it is a personal opinion and can vary from people to people. Moreover, Knowingly or unknowingly everyone creates a “One True Pairing” in their mind whom they wish to be together.