What does OTP Text Meaning?

You wonder what does OTP mean in texting? So, OTP is an abbreviated form for which there are many meanings depending on the sentence in which the OTP text is used and in which context. OTP can be the abbreviated form of “One True Pairing” or “One Time Password” or “On The Phone” etc.

If the text sentence is “I am OTP right now, I’ll talk to you later” then from the sentence it is clear that here the OTP text meaning is “On The Phone”.

Similarly the term OTP can be used in different ways with a different meaning. So now let’s talk about some of the OTP text meaning and where they are used.

OTP Text Meaning: One True Pairing

One True Pairing is a term used in a fandom for your favourite relationship. It is a couple that is favoured by a fan over all the other couples. One True Pairing means that a couple is made for each other or in other words we can say that they are soulmates for each other. Weather it may be in real life or it may be a fiction. It is the wish of the fan to see that pair in a romantic relation. Different people have their different OTP’s. As in case of a fiction with a love triangle we can see that some people wish for two persons to be together while some other wish that the other two should be together. So we can say that it is a personal opinion.

Some examples of OTP:

  • Elizabeth and Will from the Pirates of Caribbean.
  • Harry and Hermione from the Harry Potter series.
  • Sherlock and Watson

Other terms similar to OTP

Other terms similar to OTP are OT3, OT4 etc. In which OT3 stands for One True Threesome, it is similar to OTP except the thing that it consist of three people. OT4 stands for One True Foursome, it is also similar to One True Pairing except that it consist of four people. It is not necessary that that have to be romantically involved with each other. They can be a group of three or four friends or any other.

One Time Password

One Time Password is an alpha-numeric number. It usually consist of 6-digits. It is a two factor authentication security providing method in which the code is generated automatically and at a regular interval of time usually 60 sec and after that time the previous code is expired and cannot be used again.

It is called a two factor authentication as fir the user has to provide his user Id and password (first factor) and on getting it correct a code is sent to the registered mobile number of the user (second factor). The code is then typed in to complete the security check.

It is a good method of providing security as the code is generated through the mathematical algorithm of random number so it is hard for the hacker to trace it or to predict the next code which will be generated.

On The Phone

On The Phone means that a person is talking to someone else on phone. It is generally used in spoken rather than written like if someone is talking on phone and anyone comes to talk then the most general reply is “I am OTP (On the Phone) will talk to you in a while”.