What does OTP mean on Craiglist?

To know what does OTP mean on craiglist? We first need to understand what is craiglist? Craiglist is an advertisement website that was started by Craig Newmark in San Francisco California. It is the best site to find a place to live, find a job, sell a car, to find love etc. Since then Craig has set up sites for major cities in USA and across the world also.

Now talking about where does OTP fit in all this and what does OTP mean on craiglist? If someone is moving to Atlanta then there he has to make a choice of living “Inside The Perimeter” (ITP) or “Outside The Perimeter” (OTP). Now all we need to understand is the difference between these two.

These two areas are separated by the dividing line of Interstate 285. This perimeter separate “the town” and the “suburbs”.

Outside the Perimeter (OTP)

If you are a family member and are looking for spacious living quarters then the right choice for you is going to be the OTP homes which have large space in rooms and also have larger yards. Moreover the house you will get is worth spending the money compared to those that you will find in the ITP. The only disadvantage of living in the suburb side of the perimeter is that you will have to drive to and from you work every day which will consume around one or two hours. Plus the concerts, sport events, plays etc. all take place inside the perimeter so even for that you will have to travel quite a distance. Looking to all these facilities the youth is attracted to live in the town.

Also it is thought that the schools in the ITP are good but when U.S. News and World Report ranked the schools then most of the schools that made into the top ten were from Outside the Perimeter (OTP). So we can consider that even the quality of education is also good in the OTP. So for a family person it a good place to live in as there are many parks, golf courses and other recreational facilities within walking distance.

Inside The Perimeter (ITP)

For the young single home buyers ITP provides good two bedroom living quarters but are not as spacious as in the OTP (Outside the Perimeter). So it might be difficult for a family person to adjust in such a small space. So looking to size of your home you need adjust the storage and the items that you need to keep.

For single working youth it is a better place with lots of opportunities and facilities. They can save the time that is required to travel from the suburbs to the town as it hardly takes 10 to 15 minute drive to reach work or if lucky you can have you work even at a walking distance.

The facilities in the ITP are very good like having walking distance shopping, good restaurants, many ways of entertainment. One can easily get the tickets for concert than those living outside the perimeter.

Even the education quality is also good with some good private and public schools. So overall a good place to live in.